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Linda’s Craft Corner: How to Make Easy Woven Wall-Hangings

Nothing makes Linda Phan, Drew’s wife, happier than being in her craft room. Recently, she tried her hand at these adorable wall hangings. They have a retro summer-camp-craft vibe but are pretty enough to hang up around the house.

woven wall hangings against beige surface with plant and books

“Play with different textures, colors, and patterns. You’ll be weaving yourself into daydreams with this meditative craft!”

cardboard, ruler, and scissors craft supplies

1. To make a loom, cut a rectangle out of cardboard. (This one is 8 by 12 inches.) Using a ruler, make 20 slits every 3/8 inch along the top and bottom. Snip the marks with scissors.

yarn tied over wooden dowel

2. Cut 10 equal-length pieces of yarn (these are 36 inches), and tie them to the dowel. We used an easy lark’s head knot to attach the yarn. You can find demos of the knot online.

threading yarn through cardboard loom

3. To thread the yarn onto the loom, place the dowel behind the cardboard and slide the pieces of yarn through the notches, coming over the top and going under the bottom.

threading red and white yarn through cardboard loom

4. Thread your needle and go over and under the yarn. To make it easier to weave, slide a scrap of cardboard between the loom and the yarn. Change colors to create patterns, leaving a few inches of yarn at the edges so the weaving doesn’t unravel.

yarn woven wall hanging in process on cardboard loom

5. Once you’re finished with your pattern, fill in the rest with your background color. When you’re done weaving, carefully slide the bottom threads off the loom in pairs and knot them to secure the bottom of the weaving.

finished yarn wall hanging

6. Flip the weaving over and thread the yarn that’s hanging out from the sides under a few stitches to keep the weaving secure. Tie a piece of yarn to the dowel, then find a spot to showcase your masterpiece!

Supply List

cardboard loom for craft


wooden ruler


metal craft scissors


wooden dowel


ball of red yarn


craft needle


Craft by Jodi Levine | Photographs by Chelsea Kyle | Prop Styling by Astrid Chastka

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