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Influencer-Inspired Uses for Scott Living Wallpaper

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Take a look at how these influencers are finding new and creative ways to decorate with Scott Living wallpaper.

Go Big and Bold

One of the advantages of wallpaper is that, since it’s so easy to apply and remove, there’s less risk involved when you want to go bold. As a result, Kate was able to go with our updated indigo toile Nora pattern when redecorating her living room.

Wash Up with Style

When Gillian redecorated her bathroom, she chose our Westport geometric pattern for the job. Blues and whites are relaxing colors that suggest peace and cleanliness. This print brings fun and personality without overwhelming the space.

You Can Judge a Book by its Shelves

While flipping an old, worn bookcase, Jennifer found a stylish way to update its appearance by going full 20s—1920s, that is! After painting the outside a mature olive green, she decorated the inside shelves with our Gatsby print, appropriately entitled Honey.

Walk-In Wonderland

Just because a closet is mostly designed for function, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a bit expressive as well. Jessica chose to deck hers in our self-adhesive indigo floral print, and the change added a lot of energy and freshness to what otherwise could have been a dark, cramped space.

Do Look Down

Turn your wallpaper into allpaper by playing with shapes and textures around the house—including right on the dining table! Lori did just that with one of our self-adhesive netural geometrics prints, which really allows her place settings to pop. Who’s ready to eat?

If you’re motivated to bring more wallpaper into your world, then you can find more Scott Living traditional and self-adhesive wallpaper prints at Lowes.com.

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