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Easy Holiday DIYs for Not-So-Crafty Parents

No Pinterest fails, just plenty of fun.

You’ll love the sweet party favor you can make with candy canes.PHOTO: TWENTY20

Have you ever found yourself sifting through Pinterest for a holiday-themed kids’ project and envisioned your version of each being an epic fail? You’re not alone. Just looking at some of those DIYs is intimidating enough to make some parents want to throw in the towel. We’ve rounded up ten fun hands-on crafts for the holiday season that even non-Pinteresty people can confidently re-create. (Check out Drew and Jonathan’s personal favorites—some are a bit more involved—over on YouTube Kids!)

Puzzle Piece Snowflake

These snowflakes look more elevated than your traditional construction paper versions, but they’re just as easy to make. Follow these simple instructions from A Dab of Glue Will Do—the hardest part for adults might be deciding which jigsaw puzzle from your collection to sacrifice to the cause. 

Clothespin Christmas Tree 

You might not have any wooden clothespins hanging around these days, but grab a pack at your local craft store and glue them together to make a cute, inexpensive Christmas tree. Perfect for preschool-aged kids and beyond, this project from Our Kid Things encourages them get creative and spread some holiday cheer!

Candy Cane Marshmallows

As soon as the temperature falls, there’s nothing better than piping hot cocoa. Want to make yours even sweeter? These decadent candy cane marshmallows from Mom Foodie—to be dipped, swirled, and hung from your mug—are easy to put together with your children. Take away the cocoa and they also make great party favors or classroom treats!

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Whether you gather a pile of pine cones from a nature walk or a craft store, this adorable Christmas tree craft from Adventures of Mel will keep your kids busy for hours. It’s a great way to add holiday cheer to your existing decor or turn into an ornament to hang on your tree.

Hanukkah Handprint Menorah

If you have little ones who love to literally get their hands dirty, then your family will love these handprint menorahs from Crayola. They take only very basic crafting skills to create—seriously, they’re foolproof!—and are so cute that your family will want to keep them as keepsakes for years to come.

Christmas Countdown Chain

The coolest thing about this Christmas countdown chain from Our Family Lifestyle is that you can customize it to count down the days to any holiday that your family celebrates this time of year. It’s also something for kids to look forward to each morning as the holiday fun approaches! 

Egg Carton Kinara

During Kwanzaa, use empty egg cartons and craft sticks to make this kinara from Fun Family Crafts. It’s a great way to help kids understand the meaning of the season—and the construction paper flames pose zero fire hazards.

Christmas Bow Wreath

We all know that making your own holiday wreath can save you money, but sometimes that’s an “easier said than done” situation. Not in this case! This Christmas bow wreath from Mid Life Healthy Living has just three items in its supply list (cardboard, bows, glue) and can be reused year after year.

Paper Plate Menorah

This paper plate menorah from Simple Play Ideas is so easy that even your toddler can get in on the fun! Once the paint on the clothespins has dried, you can use this new toy to act out the traditional lighting of the menorah without using actual fire.

“Cookies for Santa” Jar

What fun is a craft if you can’t share it with friends? This “cookies for Santa” mason jar from Saving Dollars and Sense is a great gift and easy to put together. Your older kids can help measure out the ingredients, while the younger ones can scoop them in the jars. Before you know it, you’ll have an assembly line in your kitchen!

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