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Window Shades To Be Displayed

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Windows can be pretty ordinary, but you make make them extraordinary with some wonderful window shades and curtains. We’re here to show you the different ways you can decorate your windows, so that no matter your style, your home will feel like yours.

Roman Shade Realness

One of the ways you can effectively control just how much natural light you’re getting is with a custom set of Roman shades. Not only does the translucent material between slats allow you to enjoy the views while adjusting the amount of light, but you can purchase them in a variety of colors and prints so that they coordinate with the rest of the space’s design.

Windows Have It Made With Woven Wood Shades

If you prefer something more earthy, though, then woven wood shades are another great option. Crafted from sustainably sourced reeds, paper, and grass, they provide a neutral, yet textured accent to any room. 

Motorized Shades Do More Than Make The Grade

The perks of custom shades don’t stop with just aesthetic changes. Regardless of the style you prefer, you can motorize any type of shades. Live in the future, where you can lift your blinds with just the press of a switch.  

Blackout Curtain Bliss

If you’re sensitive sleeper, or just want to limit the number of distractions that might keep you awake, then the Scott Living Osaka Total Blackout Curtain Panel is the drapes set for you. Made from a blend of polyester, rayon, and cotton, they can block 100% of light.    

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