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How to Incorporate 2020 Wallpaper Trends

Introducing the Scott Living Wallpaper Collection

Home decor is paying homage to two time periods right now: the gold-on-black of the Roaring ‘20s (1920s, that is) and the sharp-angled, brass-accented designs of the mid-20th century. We love it all, but copying previous styles isn’t, well, our style. So we updated some of our favorite classic patterns and added a few of our own to create a look for the new ‘20s: the 2020s. And what better place to display them than on another great returning trend: wallpaper!

Wallpaper is a great way to incorporate color, pattern, and texture to your home, and our brand new Scott Living wallpaper collection is perfect for recreating the timeless looks of the past with fresh, modern appeal. Whether you want to go bold or prefer a more subtle look, here’s how to add a perfect touch of sophistication to your home.

Granada Charcoal Scott Living Wallpaper

The only geometry you’ll need

Strong geometric designs provide a masterful background to show off a well-placed bar cart, or any other refined furniture.

Aspen Grey Scott Living Wallpaper

Chevron, on point

Chevron patterns create a mid-century vibe, but they need a modern touch to avoid looking dated. Placing them in a common space like an entryway or hallway establishes a sense of place, while a slightly contrasting neutral palette creates just enough interest.

Westport Green Geometric Scott Living Wallpaper

Turns out, it is easy being green

If there’s a color that’s roaring back in 2020, it’s green. Olive shades pair great with both natural wood and metallic accents, and green has the added effect of evoking a calm, grounded feeling.

Juno Indigo Ogee Scott Living Wallpaper

Bring the outdoors inside

We incorporated several leaf prints in our collection, because the next best thing to being in nature is surrounding yourself with it at home.

Merritt Indigo Geometric Scott Living Wallpaper

In with the old … and the new

A contemporary pattern against a mid-century modern look creates the contrast we love to see in any room. Using it as an accent in a small space like a nook or banquette? Even better.

Need more inspiration? Check out our full Scott Living Wallpaper Collection online at A-Street Prints and at Sherwin-Williams locations nationwide, in the store’s wallpaper library (call ahead to ensure in-store availability near you).

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