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Easy Spring Room Refresh Ideas

Simple changes can renew familiar spaces

Now that you’re spending more time at home—OK, a lot more time at home—you’ve probably noticed a few things you’d like to change around the place. Thankfully, there’s no need to go all-out on home projects right now. A few adjustments here and there can go a long way to making a space feel new, enjoyable and ready for spring.

For the home office that’s suddenly the most important room in the houseGallery Wall


Admit it: You never intended to spend this much time in your home office, and yet, here you are. If you’re like us, your home office might not really be an office at all, but instead the table you put next to a wall so you’d have somewhere to throw your keys.

So why not use this opportunity to reclaim your space with a gallery wall? We all have those prints and photos we’ve been meaning to frame. There really is no better time to celebrate some great memories and look forward to making new ones soon.

For the living room where you’ve caught up on every streaming seriesA New Pattern

There is no shame in admitting you’ve hollowed out a new spot in the sofa over the past several weeks. But if you’re feeling a little stir-crazy, putting down a new rug can invigorate a room and encourage you to break out that yoga mat. Then, after you’ve worked up a sweat, you can go back to relaxing with some new pillows to reward yourself for the hard work.  

For that small space you need to do something with: Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

laundry room wallpaper
Photo credit: @spacewiseco

Self-adhesive wallpaper in a guest bathroom or laundry room is the perfect sweet-spot project: you don’t need a lot of time or expertise, and yet the results are transformative. Turn a forgotten room into the place you experiment with new colors and patterns. The best part: there’s no problem if you change your mind later! (Although we imagine you’re going to want to do more.) 

For the weekend that blends into the weekdaysA Better Bed

Springtime is hard enough to adjust to with Daylight Saving Time back in our lives, but this year can be especially disorienting, with work schedules changing and weekend events put on hold. When you hit the hay, you need to make it count. Changing out your bed covers can give you a fresh start toward needed refreshment, but if you’re really needing to make a change, then make the move toward a new mattress. Restonic’s cooling technology will help prepare you for warmer nights ahead while providing the support you need for a good sleep. You might even start remembering what day it is again. 

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