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10 Nursery Floating Shelves That Double as Decor

Nursery Floating Shelves That Double as Decor

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If you’ve got a baby on the way, one of the many things likely giving you both anxiety and excitement is how you’ll decorate your nursery. And while you’ve probably researched and shopped for the main furniture essentials such as a crib, a changing table, and a chair, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all of the adorable decor options out there to fill the rest of the space. 

An easy way to add interest and whimsy to your nursery walls is to hang some floating shelves. They keep things organized, cut down on clutter, and can also become a main focal point in the nursery. This is where you can proudly display your little one’s first book collection, show off some of their cutest clothing, or arrange other special mementos like heirloom baby shoes, maternity photos, and their (soon-to-be) favorite stuffed animals.


Red Barrel Studio Epinal Picture Ledge, Set of 4



As a new parent, expect to have the urge to buy every adorable book you come across (along with the influx of gifted picture books you’ll receive). Instead of stacking baby’s first library in a corner or basket, install picture ledges for a great space-saving way to display their favorites. Show off the reads most personal to you, or ones that fit the nursery’s theme best.


Seocry Scalloped Bookshelves, Set of 4



The scalloped edges on these shelves add the perfect amount of playfulness while still being practical. With a 6-inch ledge depth, there’s plenty of surface area to hold toys, stuffed animals, pictures, or even small plants.


HoopaHoopa Airplane Shelf



These airplane-shaped shelves will encourage your little one’s imagination to take flight and explore! Constructed with natural beech wood and fit with a precious little propeller, this shelf inspires adventure.


Forbena Nursery Floating Shelves, Set of 4



This minimalistic set, with just a simple front ledge, will work with any decor theme. You can place them side by side and create longer shelves to fill a larger space, or instead, vary their heights. Plus, they have enough depth (4.5 inches) to hold a variety of trinkets such as picture frames, toys, and, of course, books.


SayasNoy Macrame Shelf



Floating shelves have a lovely, clean aesthetic. But another, more playful option to decorate nursery walls are these macrame shelves. You can hang the cotton cords from one peg to create an interesting triangle shape, or from two to maximize the surface area of the shelf. The bottom bar also adds a useful space to hang baby’s clothes, headbands, or hats.


SevenOneSixWood Rattan Shelf



If you have visions of pampas grasses, wicker baskets, and cane furniture in your nursery, then these rattan shelves will be the perfect finishing touch. The rattan complements a nursery filled with natural, boho materials while adding texture and interest. Style with green-leaved house plants and neutral-colored pillows and quilts and baby will be California dreaming.


NurseryStuff Cloud Shelves, Set of 2



Create a dreamy setting for your baby to catch those much-needed Zzz’s. These adorable cloud-shaped shelves have a 3D effect that will lull the little one to dreamland. Keep the styling simple with just a few select mementos—baby’s footprint, a letter block, or special toy—and add cloud, moon, or star decals so you can keep the theme moving across the wall.


ChildUniverse Montessori Nursery Book Shelf



For a natural, Scandi-inspired accent, consider these handmade alder wood shelves. Not only can you choose the shade of wood—from light birch to cherry or walnut—but you can also choose from dinosaur, barn animal, or princess-themed pegs to match your nursery. A handy set of pegs can not only hang baby’s clothes, but also accessories and bags for easy grab-and-go.


MyEllieBeans Nursery Shelf and Clothing Rail



These handmade wooden shelves accented with a beaded dowel marry form with function. The dowels offer a bubbly style while the clothing rail allows you to display all their cutest onesies.


Gold Polished Shelves

West Elm


If your style leans more refined, these gold polished floating shelves will make any wall space look elegant. Plus, the shelves’ sophisticated aesthetic (far from being too childlike) can easily grow with baby instead of her outgrowing them.

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