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10 Coffee Table Decor Ideas That’ll Show Off Your Style

Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas

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One of the most fun spaces in your home to decorate is the coffee table. Here, you can really show off your style and interests and make it entirely your own. But with a seemingly endless choice of trinkets, vases, trays, candles, coffee table books, and the like, it can get overwhelming deciding what to include without creating random clutter. The beauty of the best coffee table decor ideas is that you don’t have to stress too hard about choosing pieces that are “exactly right” because they don’t have to be permanent. You can change them with the seasons or just when you’re feeling like a refresh, and move things around to other spaces in your home without consequence.

By following just a few basic principles, you can curate a space that will look like it was styled by the pros. The key is to keep things interesting by incorporating varied heights, textures, and colors. Place a tall vase or taper candles next to a short stack of books. If your coffee table is made of wood, utilize decor in other materials such as metal, ceramic, glass, or marble. On a lighter-colored table, opt for darker trays or accents. And most of all, stick with pieces that you really like instead of just choosing what’s trendy. After all, it’s your space that you’ll have to live in every day, and you should love it!


Wood Knot Sculpture

Crate & Barrel


An effortless way to decorate a coffee table is with sculptural objects like this handmade wooden knot. These 8-inch knots, which come in both a bleached wood and a distressed black wood finish, will add a natural, organic element to your table. They’re also perfect atop your favorite coffee table books.


Clara Resin Inlay Decorative Tray

Crate & Barrel


A tray serves both a utilitarian and aesthetic purpose: as a central spot to style your decor so that it doesn’t look cluttered, as well as a place to corral various practical items like remotes, coasters, candles, wick trimmers—you name it. This faux bone tray with a black striped inlay has a neutral, sophisticated look that will work with tons of decor styles.


Millwood Pines Tulon Handmade Wood Bowl



Bowls can serve the same catch-all purpose as trays, but are also great for grouping similar items together, like decorative orbs or seasonal accents. (Think shells for summer, mini pumpkins and gourds in the fall, or pine cones and ornaments during the holidays.) Made of solid cypress wood, this tray features a rough-hewn finish that gives it a handmade aesthetic. The elongated shape also works well on a larger surface so that you can maintain some functionality on the rest of the tabletop.


Mercury Row Weisinger Geometric Figurines



If your home decor style leans more contemporary glam, this two-piece set of gold starburst sculptures will be sure to catch your eye. Set one on a stack of books, and the other on the table to build height with metallic flair.


GREEHOMEDE Black and Rattan Serving Tray



Playing up various textures is rule #1 for a successful coffee table tableau. This gorgeous rattan tray incorporates texture while staying modern. The handwoven rattan bottom adds character, while the sleek black outer keeps the form modern. Use it for everyday items, or even put it to good use as a serving tray when guests are over.


Nordic Ceramic Vase, Set of 2



For a foolproof way to spruce up your coffee table, incorporate something organic—fresh flowers, pampas grass, or leafy branches. It can be as easy as clipping something from the yard and dropping it in a vase. This set of wavy ceramic vases is perfect for holding a few stems. They’ll even look great on their own without anything in them, as they add a sculptural element at varying heights.


Alcott Hill Glossy Floral Orbs



Fans of refined, traditional decor will love these pretty ceramic orbs. They feature delicate Oriental-style floral patterns with a glossy finish. Simply use them to fill a glass vase or decorative bowl and up the elegance factor of your living room.


Textured Petal Candle

Pottery Barn


One can truly never have enough candles, especially candles that double as a fabulous coffee table decor idea. These handcrafted ceramic candles have a subtle, textured glaze in two neutral, breezy colors, ivory and chambray. And bonus: once the candle burns down, you can reuse the holder as a decorative bowl!


Decorative Books, Set of 3



Showing off a stack of books is the old standby way to decorate a coffee table, but for good reason. You really can’t go wrong with a stack of books. Place them either on the top or bottom shelf (or both!) to create height and layering to the overall look. This set of neutral travel-themed books makes it easier than ever to style a coffee table. Mementos gathered from your own travels would make excellent complements.


Sculptural Double Taper Candle Holder



This unique, sculptural piece pulls double-duty as both a candle holder and an artistic object that can be placed on a tray, atop books, or on a decorative box. Make the resin really pop with some contrasting colorful or textured taper candles, or group a few together to make it even more interesting.

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