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At Home With Brooklyn Decker

The actress wanted her family’s vacation home to be a place where everyone can unwind (even if it means stepping on the odd Lego).

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddrick on living room couch with dogs

Don’t be fooled by the picture: Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick’s living room isn’t usually so neat. “It’s currently full of Legos and dog beds,” says Decker on the phone months after the picture was taken. “We didn’t do a playroom because we wanted to all be in one space, so it’s overrun with toys.”

But Decker, who has two kids (Hank, 5, and Stevie, 3) with husband Andy Roddick, doesn’t mind. “It’s a vacation home. You walk in, and your blood pressure drops,” says Decker of the family’s North Carolina mountain getaway. For the decor, Decker sought a “clean, zen power.” She paired a warm white, Pointing by Farrow & Ball, with homey but durable antiques. The actress (Netflix’s Grace and Frankie) brought in as much light as possible to play off the blues and greens of the surrounding landscape.

But the star of the show is four panels of antique Zuber wallpaper she found online, mounted to look like a mural. “The space needed something big, and art that size costs a fortune,” she says. “The panels fill the space, but to me, they’re also just so beautiful.”

1. “I would say the walls have almost a yellow undertone, but I feel like that would scare people off, so I’ll just call it a really good warm cream.”

2. “To me, the wallpaper panels transform the whole living room from being a rustic, kid-friendly space to an interesting, eclectic living room with a story.”

3. “This was an old door that was converted into a coffee table—it’s huge. I was really lucky to find it locally, because I tend to find so much online.”

4. “Leather is one of those things that gets better with scratches and age and spots—and it’s a really practical choice for a high-traffic area.”

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By Laura Morgan | Photograph by Anna Naphtali

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