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Letter from the Editors

Drew and Jonathan with map

We created the Adventure Issue of Reveal magazine before anyone had an inkling of what was about to happen to the world. Right now, the literal kind of adventure has been put on hold. But we hope that, in reading this issue, you’ll be inspired to channel your wanderlust in a new way, and bask in the beauty of the here and now, because at the end of the day adventure is a mindset, not a destination. 

Growing up in Vancouver (a city we celebrate in the magazine), we were lucky to have adventure right at our doorstep. It came in the form of horseback riding, picnics at the beach, and working part-time as clowns at the parks-and-rec center. (Yes, we were those clowns for hire at birthday parties.) Our full-time gig? Curious explorers, with the world as our playground. We earned a few bumps and scrapes along the way and literally left no rock unturned, thanks to Dad, who paid us a whole, shiny nickel for every bucket of rocks we cleared from the horses’ pasture.

Drew Jonathan kids
We’ve always been fashionable. These days, we’re (slightly) less buttoned-up.

All those nickels and birthday parties eventually afforded us enough money to buy our very own antique medieval swords on a family vacation to Scotland, which is still one of our go-to places when we crave nostalgia and discovery. As kids (and, admittedly, as adults), we would run around the grounds of the castles there, rich with treasures waiting to be found—like old coins and pieces of pottery. These epic trips helped lay the foundation for our imaginations, as we took home not only our hard-earned souvenirs but also tales of centuries past, which we would spin into sagas in our very own castles, otherwise known as our tree forts and tents.

That’s how we learned that your backyard can be just as great as the great outdoors. With a little creativity and willingness to play, we’ve found ways to bring adventure home.

Recently, we went back to one of our childhood homes, where the current owner graciously invited us in to walk down memory lane. As we reminisced about all the mischief we got into there, it stood out and stuck with us just how big it had felt back then. The backyard that used to extend  farrr into the horizon was actually quite contained; the koi pond that felt like a lake is really, well, a pond. :) We were transported to a time when the world felt enormous and full of wonder. We were reminded to approach the world we know now with the curiosity we had then. 

We hope that you’ll be inspired to channel your wanderlust in a new way, and bask in the beauty of the here and now, because at the end of the day adventure is a mindset, not a destination. 

To help you open your kids’ eyes to the world, we tapped the Bucket List Family for some deep insight. Their philosophy on adventure is brave yet easily adaptable, and their lessons can be applied to our everyday lives. It’s the “everyday” part that excites us. We hope that, through these pages, you’ll be inspired to find adventure in the moment. Yes, look forward to those big trips down the road —ballooning or pickle festival, anyone? But don’t forget to bask in the beauty of the here and now. Go camping without leaving the comfort of your home. Take a cue from Jesse Tyler Ferguson and make a statement with a bold-but-cozy room. Or face your fears—or shall we say bears?!—for a good cause.

The wonderful expansiveness we feel—whether from setting foot in a new city, learning a new language, or falling in love—is always anchored by one of feeling equally, wonderfully infinitesimal in this universe. When we go back out into the world, we should consider the very big impact that we tiny humans have on the planet. So we challenge ourselves each day to have the time of our lives and leave this place better than we found it. What better time to start than Earth Day?

Here’s to charting your own course, 

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