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1 Room, 2 Looks: Fix This Outdoor Space!

The Michigan-based Guisinger family loves backyard entertaining, but their rotting deck was making get-togethers difficult (and dangerous!) in their outdoor space. “We’d love something sturdier with lounge and dining spaces,” says dad Jim. Lucky for them, Drew and Jonathan came to the rescue, digitally transforming it into something they can enjoy all year!

Drew’s Design

drew's deck design

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The original wooden deck had an awkward layout that didn’t lend itself well to entertaining. This new stone design feels much more open and airy. “A glass railing gives the illusion that the deck is larger, and it feels connected to the rest of the yard,” says Drew.

Long modern planters were added against one side of the railing, which provides a sense of privacy while contrasting nicely with the warmer tones of the adjacent furniture. “Since this is a bigger deck, we wanted to create multiple living areas with different functions that could easily work together,” he says.

A dining set seats up to eight, perfect for any outdoor gathering, and a separate seating area with lighter deck furniture feels bright and fresh. Whether the Guisinger family is hosting a big BBQ or a smaller dinner party, there’s plenty of space to relax and chat.

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Jonathan’s Design

To start, Jonathan created a large lounge area and grounded it with a colorful rug. “This space is perfect for lounging and playing games, with modern furniture that’s comfortable enough to enjoy throughout the day,” Jonathan says.

Next, he added a separate dining area that’s cozy, intimate, and ready for conversation and good food. The deck is expansive, so making sure that it feels filled out but not crowded was important. Jonathan did this by adding potted trees and plants at different heights for visual interest and warmth.

Last, since Michigan experiences all seasons, both Drew and Jonathan wanted to make sure to incorporate a firepit into their designs so that the space could be enjoyed year-round!

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal, Drew & Jonathan’s home and lifestyle magazine.

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