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May, 2023 | Megan Stein

Drew’s Top Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Buying your first home can be overwhelming. There are a ton of factors to think about, like mortgages, picking the right neighborhood, finding a real estate agent you mesh with… and that’s all on top of touring houses.  

And the list doesn’t stop once you’ve found your dream home, either. There are endless details to keep in mind, whether that’s needing to tend to your new garden or dealing with a leaky roof. It’s hard to remember everything! But Drew is here to share some of his best tips for first-time homeowners. These include simple upgrades you may not have thought about but could save you major headaches down the road. He is the expert after all!

Get Smart

“First, you’ll want to replace the lock on the front door,” Drew says. “It’s nice to have a smart lock because you don’t have to carry a key, and you can control it from your phone.”

He also adds that “a smart home is better than a dumb home. Consider using automation for your lighting, turning on your furnace, or whatever else you need. That way, you can operate it from your phone or with your voice.”

So you can turn off your lights without getting out of bed? We’re in!

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Safety Is Key

“Home security is an important thing,” he says. “You want to have a system that sends you notifications, which will make you feel safe while you’re away or at home.”

H2-Oh, No

Once you own a home, tracking your water becomes way more important, and you definitely don’t want to miss spotting any leaks. “A leak detection system is great because if you ever have a leak, you can shut your water off right away,” Drew says.

Dress in Your Window Best

Window coverings are an important part of design, but it’s not just for aesthetic; it’s also for function. It can help keep heat in your house,” Drew says. “On top of that, I like it to be smart. At the beginning of the day, I push one button to open them, and at the end of the day, I push one button to close them.”

If you’re not quite ready for a smart system, though, the best window treatments are still a must-have for privacy, function, and style.

Get Some Sun

It’s such a great thing to have solar panels and a battery backup because that can offset how much you’re spending on electrical bills,” Drew suggests. “But it’s good to have a flashlight in a drawer just in case the power goes out.”

Last But Not Least…

“A toolkit! You never know when you need to have a small toolkit in the house,” he says.

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