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December, 2022 | D&J Editors

Property Brothers: Forever Home – Season 7, Episode 8

It Takes a Village: Jessica and Kathy

Jessica and her late husband Joe bought their house two years ago with the intention of renovating it together. Unfortunately, after Joe’s unexpected passing, Jessica was left unsure of where to start. Since then, her neighbors, led by her dear friend Kathy, have come together to support Jessica and her two young children.

While her home held so many precious family memories, the kitchen, dining room, living room, and main bath were all dated and dysfunctional. So, we came to help Jessica carry out all the renovation plans she and Joe made together. 

Before & After

Fletcher 60" Bathroom Vanity
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Design Highlights

Wood-n’t It Be Nice? 

Jessica loves the organic and natural designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, so we used a lot of wood when styling the living room. To honor Joe’s memory, we also displayed several of the skateboards he collected.

Cool and Comfortable

The air conditioning unit used to sit right above the dining room table, blowing all over their food and making conversation difficult. Now that the house has a proper HEVC system, the family can enjoy their meals in peace. 

Chic Counters

Jessica’s least favorite chore was scrubbing the grout on her kitchen counters, so, we swapped the dated tile for smooth, honed quartz. We also added seating so that the kids can hang out with her while she cooks.  

More Inspiration

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