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February, 2023 | Mandy Schremmer

Brother Vs. Brother: ADU – Season 8, Episode 4

Brother Vs. Brother ADU Challenge: Garages to Guest Suites

We’re halfway through the season, and Drew’s winning streak is still going strong. Jonathan’s determined to pull out all the stops for the Addition Dwelling Unit (ADU) challenge since they’re both converting their identically sized garages. But just because they’re on equal footing for this round doesn’t mean Drew’s about to let his winning vibes fade. This time there are no rewards for winning, only a punishment for losing. Once Breegan Jane and Trixie Mattel decide the winner, the loser will be sent to play tour guide on an LA tourist bus!

brother vs. brother ADU challenge with Trixie Mattel

Drew’s Hillside Hospitality

I know that Jonathan doesn’t like to lose, but I have no intention of holding back this round. The judges love Team Drew, so I know if I keep up my hard work while staying on budget, then this challenge won’t end any differently.

Drew’s Before & After

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Drew’s Resource Guide

Drew’s Design Highlights

brother vs. brother ADU challenge kitchen remodel

Tuscan Tiles

This space is small, but I wanted to make sure it had all the luxuries that can be found inside the main area. Not only is the kitchen fully sized, but the beautiful Tuscan backsplash creates a rustic, earthy atmosphere for the entire space.

brother vs. brother ADU challenge lounge area renovation

Rustic Relaxation

Who said neutrals have to be boring? During the day, the main area is a warm and inviting lounge where guests can hang out together. At night, a hidden bed pops out from the wall, transforming it into an impromptu guest bedroom.

brother vs. brother ADU private bathroom renovation

Private Peace

Having a private bathroom is always a major selling point, so I went the extra mile and made sure there was a private laundry space as well. Any guest will feel so comfortable here, they might decide they want to stay forever!

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Jonathan’s Oceanside Bliss

This is where my research will pay off. Since we’re so close to the airport, a lot of homeowners like to rent out their ADUs to traveling flight crews. Once I’m finished with this challenge, I’ll have the ultimate guest space that no buyer will be able to resist.

Jonathan’s Before & After

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Jonathan’s Resource Guide

Jonathan’s Design Highlights

brother vs. brother ADU challenge guest space remodel

The Guestroom of the Future

For the main area, I wanted to recreate that California coastal feel by integrating wood grains with a beachy flair. It’s a great place to chill out during the day, but the real wow factor comes out at night, when the guest bed descends from the ceiling with just the push of a button!

brother vs. brother ADU guest bathroom remodel

Stylish and Soothing

I wanted this bathroom to feel soothing and refreshing, and to carry over the modern cottage theme from the main house. The shower’s textured marble tile is stylish without taking away from the space’s relaxing atmosphere.

brother vs. brother ADU kitchen renovation

Outdoor Beauty, Inside

We have such a great location by the beach, so I made sure to leave room for all the natural lighting to shine. The sand-colored cabinets and marble countertops make the kitchen feel extremely luxurious without having to break the bank.

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