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Introducing Our New Scott Living Art Collection

Drew and Jonathan Scott unveil a new series of inspiring, accessible canvas prints

Scott Living Shapes II Canvas Print

There’s no quicker way to refresh a space than getting a new piece of art—but alas, how to choose? How do you know what works where? Landscape? Abstract? How do you know which art is the prettiest art of all the art?

We know how it feels to put a lot of hard work into a space and have it feel incomplete. Well, that’s where art comes in: specifically, our newly announced art collection from Scott Living by Drew and Jonathan.

We’re partnered with Fine Art Canvas to provide an exclusive collection of giclée on canvas prints, designed to brighten and inspire any room in your home for years to come.

Scott Living Calming Abstract Canvas Print

The Scott Living collection features a wide range of prints that will evoke memories and stimulate conversation, all while making your space feel more like home. And because we believe art should be accessible and available to everyone and every home, Scott Living prints come in a variety of sizes and at prices that fit every budget.

Scott Living Sunset Tangerine Canvas Print

Find the pieces that remind you of a time of inspiration, excitement or contemplation. Seek out those colors you can’t seem to place anywhere else in your home. From calming pastels to vibrant photo treatments, the Scott Living collection provides something both for the experienced designer and the artistic newcomer.

Scott Living Palm on Blue Tile Canvas Print

Check out the full Scott Living collection today, and start bringing your home together.

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