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Why You (and Your Cats) Need a Cat Flat

Small living spaces can have a huge impact on your feline friends. To provide a stylish solution to keep them happy, architect Eleonor Moschevitz and Sweden’s first cat psychologist (yes, really), Susanne Hellman Holmström, designed this chic cat home for self-storage company 24Storage. We think it’s purrfect.

two cats sitting in wooden cat home with label numbers

1. Insta-famous

Swedish catfluencers Prime and Raven (both Bengals) were the first two lucky felines to try out the Cat Flat. Follow them @prime_the_bengal.

2. Stretch Out

The interior of the cabinet is lined with sisal hemp, leather, and sheep skin—durable (and eco-friendly) materials that cats can scratch or lay out on.

3. Snooze-fest

This box plays double-duty: It’s a cozy spot to hide or nap and also serves as a step for cats to get up to the second level.

“We all know cats are curious beings. So this chic cat address is a perfect solution to keep them entertained—and to keep your home and all your furniture from turning into a cat gym!”

cat sitting in wooden cabinet next to plant

4. Quiet Time

Closing the cabinet doors provides a retreat for cats, who naturally crave alone time and a place to hide.

cat playing in cabinet through circular frame

5. Room to Roam

Holmström has defined 13 “holy necessities” that cats need to be happy and healthy (grooming, hunting, hiding, etc.). This flat includes dedicated space for 10 of them.

cat in home with mounted ipad game

6. Game On

An iPad loaded with feline-friendly apps simulates the act of hunting, while the holes next to the screen have toys hidden inside for more ways to play.

By Hannah Baker | Photographs by Henrik Nero

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