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Designer Moodboard: Clark & Aldine

clark and aldine teal and orange tones designer moodboard with numbers

1. “We both draw inspiration from nature,” says Danielle. “I personally find myself building rooms using colors you find in nature, whether it’s a desert-and-mountain vibe or something that evokes a woodland seaside feel.” They add on to that by layering in crystals, stones, plants, and other natural elements to round out the space.

2. Because they remodel older homes, Danielle and Michael’s goal is always to pay homage to the home itself. “While we want to bring the space new life through our clients’ aesthetic, we also want to ensure the house’s character and charm don’t get lost,” they say.

3. “We’re true believers that every space needs something vintage in it,” the couple says. “Vintage rugs are always where we start, and from there we like to layer in smaller pieces. I really think they add life and character to a newly remodeled home.”

4. “Woodworking is something I think we all love. We work with Novo Building Products for most of our textured walls and all of our finished molding,” Danielle says. Brick has become a big part of their designs lately. “We love how it shapes a space to feel as if it has always been there—we’ve used this brick from the Tile Shop on several recent projects.”

5. The couple has also been inspired by limewash and plaster walls, calling it a great way to add subtle interest to a room. “Then we always layer in more texture through fabrics and furnishings,” they say.

About Clark + Aldine

clark and aldine portrait

Perfectly Paired

Design duo Danielle and Michael Gutelli’s firm, Clark + Aldine, is named after the streets where the couple met in Chicago, the city they lived in for 10 years. During their time in the Windy City, they lived in and updated seven apartments together, discovering their shared love for design. After a move to Michigan, they decided to leave their jobs and start their own build-and-design firm specializing in custom residential remodeling. Their designs are downright dreamy, with an airy but cozy feel, layered texture, and lots of natural materials.

By Hannah Baker | Photograph by Christopher Testani | Portrait and room images courtesy of Clark + Aldine

This article originally appeared in the Holiday 2022 issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal, Drew & Jonathan’s home and lifestyle magazine.

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