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At Home with Tamron Hall

Actually, this time we’re at the office, where the Emmy-winning host preps (and primps) for her talk show, Tamron Hall. The bright, clean space has pops of color and many, many pairs of shoes.

Tamron Hall sitting at table in office with wall of shoes

Tamron Hall is kind of a neat freak. “When I started dating my husband, he was shocked that I made my bed as soon as I got up in the morning,” says the 2020 Daytime Emmy Award winner. “And if I take a nap, I’ll remake the bed! I like order. I like everything to have a place.” So it’s no surprise that she keeps her dressing room at the Tamron Hall studio in New York City very tidy.

“When my work space is clean and clear, it helps me stay clean and clear,” she says. The show’s set designers provided simple white bookshelves, a modern table, and minimalist art; Tamron brought in a rainbow of colorful on-air outfits and a decidedly maximalist shoe rack. “It’s the mullet of rooms,” she says. “Business in the front, party in the back.”

Ultimately, though, the space isn’t about the designer heels or the cute decor but the warm vibe. “The entire idea is that it’s intimate,” says Hall, who packed shelves with photos, gifts, and awards that represent her impressive career and adorable family. “I work better surrounded by those little trinkets of love.”

1. “When you can make your shoes work as a decor accessory, it justifies the price, right? And we do five shows a week, so we use them all, I promise you.”

2. “This tray was a lovely housewarming gift from one of my best friends from Chicago. She has incredible taste. And my husband’s last name is Greener, so I tend to gravitate toward green things.”

3. “I’m a very scent-conscious person, so I have candles and some sage handy to burn away any bad energy. I just love to walk into a room and have an aroma surround me.”

“It’s important for me to feel comfortable, to feel clear. That’s why the room is so minimalist.”

By Laura Morgan | Photograph by Jeff Neira/ABC

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