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At Home With Kristen Chenoweth

The insanely talented singing star of stage and screen walks us through her music room, where the magic happens.

kristen chenoweth sitting in home music room with numbers

Music and memorabilia come together to cozy effect in the New York City apartment of Kristin Chenoweth, the Tony Award–winning singer and actress (whose latest, Schmigadoon!, is streaming on Apple TV). While this spot is a fully functional music room, Chenoweth refers to it simply as her “happy place.” The tools of her trade—a Kawai piano, acoustic guitar, professional-grade microphone, all of which she knows how to use—are at the ready, while shelves are stocked with memories.

“I’ve got a picture of my voice teacher, who’s no longer with us, on my little shelf, and I think having her staring at me makes me want to be better. I have Andrea Bocelli up there, so I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve got to practice!’ ” says the singer, who recently released her second Christmas album, HAPPINESS is…Christmas!

Decor-wise, the star kept it simple. She chose the paint color for its calming vibe (“It’s an off-white with a blue-green tint, and I call it Spa,” she says) and went with a starburst light for a dash of retro glamour. Really, though, her music makes the loudest statement. “This is where I spend my time, where I create,” says the star. “I’d rather make music than eat.”

1. “I was worried about the open shelving, as the rest of the house is so pristine. But I like having things on display here. Otherwise, where would I put all my memories?”

2. “It’s kind of hard for me to play the ukulele right now, but as soon as I don’t need these long nails for a role, I’ll pick it up again.”

3. “I don’t like a busy room and this is a busy room…for me, anyway. So, I went with a rug that’s subtle.”

4. “I’m an artist, so I like to see what designers have out every year. I’ll probably wear this Balenciaga sweater 50,000 times. I’ll wear it with tennis shoes. I’ll wear it with heels!”

By Laura Morgan | Photograph by Josh Bryant

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