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Anatomy of a Multitasking Game Room

Designer Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs created this multipurpose space that’s functional and fun for the whole family (and guests!), with plenty of clever design takeaways.

blue cabinet wall game room with wooden table and giant dominos

Smart Storage

One of the keys to successfully transitioning a hangout room into an entertaining space? Plenty of places to store all your stuff when it’s not in play. “We created storage in the built-in bench seating along the window, with a little hidden bar on one of the bookshelves,” says Linda (@lhdesigned). “We tried to add as much storage as possible even though we were creating bookshelves, too.”

blue game room with table of flowers

Table Talk

Since the family wanted a place where they could gather around for game nights that would also function as a lounge, having an adaptable table was key. “It actually folds up and down, so it works for having a drink with guests when it’s low, or as a game table when it’s high,” says Linda. “Then folks can just pull up a couple of chairs opposite the bench or at the ends of the table for extra seating and they’re ready to play.” While this one was custom built, there are lots of cool convertible coffee tables available. We like Murphy Bed NYC, which makes great convertible furniture, for semi-custom options.

game cabinet game room bar

Happy Hour

“The homeowners wanted a bar for when they had guests over, but they didn’t want it to be in view for their kids,” Linda says. The solution? A little minibar that’s cleverly tucked away, thanks to a fold-out shelf. “It easily integrates into the space when they are entertaining adults or relaxing as a couple.”

Love Your Shelf

To add more character to the previously empty walls, Linda designed these Art Deco–inspired built-in bookshelves and painted them a splashy, happy blue (Dunn-Edwards Bell Blue). The two walls of shelves in this room give lots of space for books, plants, and pretty collected objects. Love the look of built-ins but need a DIY solve? You can buy a semi-custom setup from Ikea and other retailers, or just get a few bookshelves that are close to your ceiling height (so they look like they were made for your space), then paint them the same color as the room for an “always been there,” built-in feel.

Cute Games to Play (& Display!)

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By Hannah Baker | Game room photographs by Lauren Pressey | All other images courtesy of the brands

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