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How to Transform Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

Peace of mind? Piece of cake.

Find your own zen in 3, 2, 1…

No need to head to a yoga studio for moments of peace and inner reflection—your very own bedroom can (and should) be a sweet spot for clearing your mind. With a few simple adjustments, you can make your space totally ahhh-some. Here are five tricks we’ve used again and again in our renovations.

1. Make Your Bed the Centerpiece

Your bedroom is named after your bed, so put some serious thought into this piece of furniture! A showstopping bed should include a quality mattress—our Scott Living Mattresses are assembled by hand from high-tech, long-lasting materials—and soft, full bedding that’s just begging to be curled up in.

2. Incorporate Pops of Color

As with most rooms, it’s handy to have a strategy when it comes to your color scheme. Our advice: Keep the walls cozy, calming, and muted (think grays, soft blues and greens, or white). Then pop in color with decor, accent pieces, and greenery that you can switch out seasonally—or, frankly, whenever the mood strikes.

3. Set Up a Sitting Area

Dedicate a little nook to completely zoning out from the real world. Activities that are acceptable here: reading, writing, daydreaming, meditating, sipping coffee or tea, listening to music, watching the sunset, reflecting on your incredible handiwork on the last season of Brother vs. Brother

4. Ban All Clutter and Distractions

All. Of. It. That includes anything work-related, like laptops, chargers, notepads, and your ever-growing collection of thumb drives. What to do with all of it? Storage—e.g., shelving, drawers, pretty baskets—is always your friend, but especially in this room.

5. Elevate Your Lighting Situation

If you want to get a bit fancy, consider hanging a chic chandelier over your bed or finding a statement lamp for your nightstand. Nervous it’ll go against traditional bedroom decor rules? Remember that this is your space—not a room for gathering or entertaining—so do whatever makes you happy.

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