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Wayfair Sale Finds For Your Guest Bedroom

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It’s hard to believe the holidays are almost here. Before you know it, you’ll be gathering with family and friends for good ole fashioned seasonal fun. In fact, as soon as the Halloween decorations go down, Drew and Jonathan put the Christmas ones up, which means it’s basically December! Of course, that may bring feelings of panic for you about getting the house ready for guests.

The good news is, Wayfair’s Way Day sale is happening on October 26-27, so you can pick up Wayfair furniture, rugs, décor, and even select Scott Living favorites without spending all the cash you have stashed away for Santa’s shopping fund.

Be Our Guest to Guest Bedroom Ideas

The guest bedroom is where your loved ones unwind, so you want the space to feel relaxing and welcoming. An easy way to achieve both is to update the bedding with a comforter set like this Scott Living Down & Feather Blend Comforter for luxurious comfort. Finish the look with extra throw pillows and blankets. That way, they can choose their optimal nap time combination. And don’t forget to swap the curtains to match—they add to the design and help your visitors sleep well. A bar cart holding the Wi-Fi password, a vase of flowers, and bottled water will get you major bonus points, too.

Greet Guests With Bathroom Updates

When it comes to the guest bathroom, something as simple as a new shower curtain can make a huge impact. Pick up a bathmat to match and you’ve basically given it a makeover! It’s also great to offer ample storage for friends and family to stash their toiletries, so consider a wall-mount cabinet or even a fresh vanity if you need a little more room there. Then, tie it all together with a few thoughtful touches: Spruce up boring accessories like tissue boxes with stylish holders, set out the nice towels, and make sure you have plenty of essentials like toilet paper and soap accessible.

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom Goodness

See! It’s not so bad, especially when you scoop everything up during Way Day. There’s a ton of other items on sale, too, and you can take it all in here. Happy pre-holiday shopping!

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