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Brie and Nikki Bella: How We Do It

Former WWE Championship wrestlers turned reality stars Brie and Nikki Bella set aside a day each week to relax, unwind, and catch up. Here, they share how this special time boosts their bond and makes mom life easier.

brie and bella with kids sitting on hearth
The kids crash Sister Sunday at a Napa winery. From left, moms Brie and Nikki hold Buddy and Matteo, both 15 months at the time.

Brie and Nikki Bella have always shared a special bond. Not only are they identical twins, the reality stars (Total Bellas on E! ) spent much of their careers as a wrestling duo and now run multiple businesses together—including a wine label and a clothing brand. Another thing they have in common: motherhood. Brie and her husband, Daniel Bryan, are parents to Birdie, 4, and Buddy, 1. And Nikki has 1-year-old Matteo with her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev, who is a dancer on Dancing With The Stars. Living across the street from each other in Napa, California, has allowed the duo to stay close. But they’re also sure to carve out time every week to connect. Here, they share why Sister Sundays are essential to their self-care strategy.

That Motherly Bond

“It’s nice for me to finally have Nikki on board with motherhood,” says Brie. “Before she was a mom, she didn’t understand that you have these days when you’re just so tired. I was trying to keep up with her, but it was tough. When she had Matteo in 2020, she experienced the grind. Now it’s nice that we can just be exhausted together!” Nikki agrees that she has an entirely new perspective. “I wanted to sympathize, but I didn’t entirely get it. I gave her crap—and I’ve apologized for it. I thought she could get on a plane with Birdie and come to New York and hang for a few days. And when you become a mom, you realize, ‘Oh gosh, no.’ ”

Sister Time

“We’ve always been close, but during the pandemic, when Artem started DWTS, I went with him to L.A. I didn’t see Brie for a long time,” says Nikki. “I was in mom mode 24/7. I had postpartum depression and was in therapy and was also talking with Brie. We realized we needed to schedule a day for each other—and for ourselves.” So how does it work? Nikki explains: “We decided that Sister Sundays is a blackout period where no one can bug us. My fiancé, Artem, and Brie’s husband, Bryan, are on board. It’s a refresh button!”

It’s All About a Plan

“We’re both very organized. We still write everything down in planners—not on our phones. We’ve been this way since we were with the WWE and were [traveling all the time],” says Nikki. “Brie and I have always been big on researching the best wine bars and restaurants to go to and the coolest sites to see. We’re the same way even now. For our Sundays together, we keep a shared list of notes that we’re constantly adding to.”

brie and nikki bella with kids at table
Sister time morphs into cousin time, with Brie’s 4-year-old, Birdie (middle), joining.

Bye-Bye, Mom Guilt

“When I have that one day to look forward to—when I know I can let loose and have time for myself—I feel like I’m more productive and present as a mother,” shares Nikki. “If I’m frustrated, I think, ‘Ah, Sister Sunday is coming!’ It’s kind of like when you diet and you have that cheat day—you know it’s coming up and it just keeps you going.” Adds Brie, “I think mom guilt prevents women from having fun. But you deserve to have a day where you are who you were before kids. As mothers we often don’t do that because we feel like we have to give everything to our children. But what makes us better mothers is bringing that person who existed before kids back into the picture.”

A Family Affair

“Birdie has asked to join Sister Sunday a few times,” says Brie. “This Sunday, we probably won’t have any help, so we’ll find somewhere to go with the kids and make it for all of us. We want our kids to experience the fun things that we do as sisters.”

With the kiddos in mind, Brie found an art walk nearby that she says will be perfect. “It’s outdoors, so we can have a glass of wine, walk around with the kids, and look at all these different sculptures. It’s going to be chic and vibey, but the kids can run around and have fun. As moms, you adjust!”

At the end of the day, the twins say that staying connected and close as a family is always the priority. “We were raised with unconditional love,” says Nikki. “Family is everything; it really is. Whether the kids are crashing an occasional Sister Sunday or doing another activity, they’re growing up together. They see each other every day and it’s so special—it brings so much life.”

bonita bonita bella sisters wine

What We’re Working On: Bottled by the Bellas

From their days as beloved WWE wrestlers to today’s roles as TV regulars and entrepreneurs, there’s no arguing that Brie and Nikki are forces to be reckoned with. One of their latest ventures? Wine! Their Bonita Bonita label offers a crisp 2020 Sauvignon Blanc sourced largely from the Stewart Ranch vineyard in Napa. Oh, and stay tuned for their new rosé, out this summer. Score all the details at bonitabonitawine.com.

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By Laura Morgan | Photographs courtesy of Brie and Nikki Bella | Wine photograph courtesy of the brand

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal, Drew & Jonathan’s home and lifestyle magazine.

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