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Cozy Fall Comfort: How to make your house comfy for fall!

Fall is a season that delights the senses in so many ways. From rich, earthy colors and toasty fragrant notes of cinnamon, apple and pumpkin, to the comfy softness of new bedding or the sweater-like textures in pillows and throws, autumn is certainly a season to FALL for! Check out some of my tips to make this the most comfortable time of the year.

Light Up Your Life

As the daylight hours diminish, lighting is an important factor this time of the year. And the easiest solution is to add some candlelight! Battery-operated candles are perfect year round, but they especially seem to glow during the fall and winter months. They add warmth with their flickering flame, but alleviate worry because nothing is burning. Easy to use in a lantern, but also fun to use on different types of pedestals and candlesticks.

Become A Bedhead

With the change in seasons comes a change in temperature, so making sure your bed is comfy cozy is important this time of year. The secret recipe for a comfy bed? Layers! Start with an adjustable bed base and a mattress you love, that offers support and comfort. Add a topper layer to the mattress for the ultimate place to snuggle in. And look for top of bed layers that provide lightweight warmth with natural materials that breathe. Warm and cozy is one thing … overheated and hot is another story! 

Introduce Wood and Texture

The fall also lends itself to call upon a nature when adding decor touches. Look for items that are made of wood, like a cool vase or pedestal. And fall colors just scream for a touch of gold. This warm hued metal adds a subtle hint of glam, but in the most quiet of ways. I also love finding something textured that reminds me of a cozy fall sweater … poufs are all the rage in home decorating and they’re the perfect way to add that homey touch while at the same time encouraging you to put your feet up! 

Embrace Soup Season

When you’re ready to relax in your comfy space, be sure to enjoy another sign of the season: a delicious bowl of soup! My recipe for vegetable soup is a follower favorite, and I’m thrilled to share it with all of you! 

Jill Bauer is a Scott Living brand ambassador and a nationally recognized home and design television personality who regularly appears on The TODAY Show with the latest in home advice. You can find more of her recommendations, recipes and more at JustJill.com.

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