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May, 2022 | D&J Editors

Wallpaper for Walls, Halls and All

Find the perfect print of wallpaper for walls to enhance any room (and learn how to hang it!). Have a look through some of our delightful Scott Living designs that are sure to set the scene.

best blue and green wallpaper

Wonderful Watercolor Wallpaper for Bathrooms

When picking out wallpaper for bathroom decor, you want to go with a design that is both soothing and refreshing, like Scott Living’s Brynne Green Wallpaper. Its teal and green watercolor tiles are inspired by traditional mosaics, providing both elegant charm and a modern take on geometric patterns.

Glamorous metallic wallpaper

The Glitz and Glamour of Vinyl Wallpaper

A trick you can use to make small rooms feel larger is to decorate them with a light print. Scott Living’s Gold Vinyl Wallpaper combines a light gray background and a shimmering, metallic pattern to give any space a glamorous atmosphere.

Calming blue wallpaper

The Best of Blue Wallpaper

Want to go for an organic print but don’t like florals? Then check out Scott Living’s Nazar Indigo Wallpaper. The blue wallpaper’s waving columns of stripes are simple, yet come with a textural raised ink detailing.

Blue and white shapes wallpaper

Modern Wallpaper Marvels

Another geometric print to check out is Scott Living’s Indigo Vinyl Wallpaper. Not only is its blue and white arrowhead design chic and fresh, but this modern wallpaper is self-adhesive as well.  Simply peel and stick to apply, and then pull up to remove.

Plus — have you ever thought about alternative uses for peel and stick wallpaper?! It’s officially not just for walls anymore!

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