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August, 2022 | D&J Editors

Rock Your Rental With Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

It’s that time of year again: you’ve moved into a new place, and you need to decorate—so grab a roll of Scott Living self-adhesive wallpaper and find a space that needs some new energy. Just peel and stick wallpaper to apply.

Charcoal map wallpaper

To make sure you’re fully prepared, check out this guide on applying self-adhesive prints. We walk you through what you’ll need to have, what you’ll need to purchase, how to prep and install wallpaper, and how to remove wallpaper.

Look, we get it: you’re tired. You need a solution that’s stylish, but not permanent, for when you inevitably have to do this all over again. (Try not to think about it.)  

But you also can’t settle for whatever shade of beige is currently on those walls. So let’s get some ideas together, shall we? 

Geometric Arched Removable Wallpaper

There’s always a kinda weird spot in new places where things don’t quite fit right. Maybe it’s the small entryway, or a cramped hallway. Rental or not, you shouldn’t have to settle for ugly spaces. So find the most awkward spot and make it your playground: put up a bold pattern and turn it into an asset. What do you have to lose? 

Blue and gray flowers on white wallpaper

Or maybe there’s a place you really do want to make into your own, at least while it’s yours. A comforting, nature-inspired pattern can do just the trick. It might even inspire you to bring more nature inside (or not! Either way, no pollen necessary.). 

geometric gold and taupe self-adhesive wallpaper

And when you’re done for the day, you want to rest in a place that feels the most like your own: a bedroom that says, “I’ve got it all together, even if it’s just here.” And hey, you know what? You do have it all together. So sleep easy. 

 Find more great Scott Living self-adhesive wallpaper at Lowes.com, and check out other cool ideas for removable wallpaper throughout your place. 


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