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Behind The Spring 2022 Issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal Magazine

Fun tidbits, sneak peeks, and a little bit about why we did what we did there

colorful playroom desk with numbers

Boy, did we have a good time making this issue! Jobs are serious, and we work hard at ours. But the thing is, making a magazine is also a lot of fun. And to pull an issue together that’s all about family-friendly spaces was the ultimate in day job joy. The colors! The playful design! The clutter-busting hacks! Kids or not, anyone can learn a few tricks in these pages. Whether you’re designing for a small army or just yourself and your partner (and maybe a fur baby or two), we’ll help you make a home the whole team can be happy about.

  1. Got a prolific junior artist in the family? Let them shine! For ideas on how, see page 58.
  2. Our current color obsessions include teal, cobalt, mustard, and virtually any green. Can you spot these shades all over this issue?
  3. Kid-friendly design does not have to be juvenile! This lamp from Hay and other proof are on page 16.
  4. The Paddington films are inspo for our staff for two reasons: 1) They’re masterful in their use of color; 2) they’re beloved by both kids and adults, like all the design ideas we share in these pages. Read about the movie set (page 24), then queue it up for family movie night. The best!

By Reveal Editors | Photograph by Cody Guilfoyle

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2022 issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal, Drew & Jonathan’s lifestyle magazine.

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