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Our First-Ever Mobile Game Is Here!

Property Brothers is getting interactive! Our first-ever mobile game, available for iOS and Android, is finally here. If you’ve ever wanted to renovate or design a perfectly unique space just by clicking and swiping on your phone, now’s your chance. With Property Brothers Home Design, you’ll choose details like furniture, decor, and flooring for your kitchen, living room, master suite, outdoor areas, and more. Learn more about our free game (and see what it’s like to play!) below.

Download here for iOS and here for Android.

It’s like stepping inside our shows.

While our Inside the Design feature on this site gives you a look behind the scenes of each episode, Property Brothers Home Design actually puts you in the designer’s seat. With the two of us guiding you along every step of the way, you’ll be completing puzzles to mix and match furniture and decor with the goal of creating beautiful spaces on your screen.

You don’t need design experience to play.

That’s the whole point! We know that real-life home renovations can test your patience, so we’ve created a relaxing experience where there are no wrong answers. Every design choice you make is a step toward customizing your dream home, which is revealed at the end of each project. 

This was an exciting new venture for us.

We use apps all the time, but this was our very first mobile game of our own—so of course it had to reflect our personalities. In addition to the design challenges, you’ll get bonus “brother” content, like hilarious photos from both our childhood and the not-so-distant past. (Two words: Jonathan’s hair.)

You can play it anywhere, anytime.

Need to pass time while on a long flight or relieve the stress of a spotty wifi connection? Enjoy Property Brothers Home Design anywhere, anytime in offline mode. This feature will come in handy once you see just how addictive the game is!

You’ll never get bored—ever.

This was really important to us, because we love to keep things interesting in everything we do. Property Brothers Home Design is launching with several hundred puzzle levels built in, and we’ll be constantly updating the game with special rooms and design challenges so that you continue to be entertained and inspired every day.

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