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Everything You Need to Know About Our New Show, Backed By The Bros

backed by the bros new show announcement

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Have you heard the latest news about Drew and Jonathan’s new show that’s coming out? If not, then buckle in! Because Drew and Jonathan are taking on an exciting new venture. You’re about to see a whole new side to the Brothers in this high-stakes series that will put their professional reputations, connections, and resources all on the line. It’ll take expert decision-making skills, smart professional tactics, and a whole lot of trust and gut instinct to get the Bros ready to make the right choices in this new series. Trust us—you won’t want to miss this first season of Backed By The Bros.

First Off, When Does Backed By The Bros Premiere?

You can watch the first episode of Backed By The Bros (on HGTV or MAX) on Wednesday, June 5 at 9:00 pm ET/PT. Get your popcorn ready!

And What Is Backed By The Bros About?

This first season will consist of 10 episodes. In each episode, Drew and Jonathan will be choosing between two potential investment properties. After assessing the real estate, meeting the owners, and discussing their options, the Bros will then decide which property to back. “We look for people who need our help to reach their full potential as property investors and who we can benefit the most,” said Jonathan. “If we don’t think our services will be enough, we won’t back them.” 

From there, the chosen investment property will have the Bros full entourage of expert resources, from project management and trade contacts to design teams, construction warehouses, home furnishings, and more. Of course, the Bros are there to advise the property investors to the best of their ability—but will the investors listen to their suggestions? There’s no guarantee.

“We have a lot on the line, too. Our time, reputation and resources, which are not unlimited,” said Drew. “We are here to support, not take the reins.” There’s potential for investors to push-back or even completely dismiss the Bros’ expertise. But if they make the right decisions, they’ll see it show in the return on their investments.

What Makes Backed By The Bros Different From Our Other Shows?

When you watch Drew and Jonathan’s shows, be it Brother Vs. Brother, Property Brothers, Celebrity IOU, or another, you’re usually seeing them in their home renovation element. They’re knocking down walls, helping families fix up their dream homes, redecorating fabulous new spaces, and more. But on Backed By The Bros, you’ll get to see Drew and Jonathan hone in on their usually unseen investor side.

Instead of renovating, they’ll instead be advising entrepreneurs, rental owners, and residential developers on their critical investment properties. They’re going to bring their all to help these investors make the right choices on a huge decision that has dire consequences. “We made so many mistakes early on in our renovation and real estate careers,” said Jonathan. “We wished we could have had a mentor to help us.”

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