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Kunitsa Personalized Recipe Book


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Product Description

From enjoying meals with family and mingling with neighbors at a barbeque, much of our lives revolve around sharing food. Every home chef needs a personalized recipe book to document their best creations. Not only is it the perfect way to recreate your signature dishes, it’s a sentimental family keepsake. This recipe book can be passed down for generations to come, and it might just become the most cherished item in your home.

A Personal Touch

Your culinary creations are a personal endeavor, but this recipe book takes personalization even further. Doubling as a journal, you can reminisce on your first memories of cooking or jot down a bucket list of recipes to try. The smells and flavors of the foods we create are often connected to some of life’s happiest memories. This custom recipe book is the perfect family heirloom to relive all the tastes you know and love.

Room to Grow

The art of cooking is one that must be honed over time. With countless flavors and techniques to try, your culinary style can change over time. This book has room to customize more than 100 recipes, so you have plenty of space to experiment while you perfect your craft. Over the years, you will create the ultimate culinary time capsule from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Quality Construction

Only a high-quality and durable book should house your custom family recipes. With a sturdy binding and water-resistant cloth over the hardcover, this handmade book is built to withstand the test of time—and any spills. Pick up where you left off with a ribbon to mark your place and tuck away any loose personalized recipes in the book’s attached pocket.

Perfect for Gifting 

Whether you want to whip up your favorite comfort dish or simply gather in the kitchen to reminisce on the wonderful memories, this recipe book makes a thoughtful keepsake. Gift this recipe book to the chef in your life, or pick it up for yourself to share the joys of food with your loved ones.

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Why We Love It
  • Drew’s gift pick
  • Plenty of room for 100+ recipes 
  • Includes journal prompts, measurement conversions, and other bonus pages
  • Lays flat and stays open by itself
  • Water-resistant binding to stay clean as you cook
  • Only available in two colors 
  • The engraving on the front isn’t customizable

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