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July, 2022 | Jonathan Scott

Renovating Our Historic Dream Home

After more than two years, I’m so excited to show you Zooey’s and my forever home. Join me as we go room-by-room to show you all the improvements and restorations we’ve done along the way.

From the second Zooey and I drove up to the gates of the Park House, we knew that it was a magical place. It’s a lovely historic home, built in 1938 and designed by Gerard Colcord, a noted Los Angeles architect whose homes have been lovingly restored across the city. 

We wanted everything to be authentic to Colcord’s vision, but the house had a few renovations over the years that strayed from his original designs. We worked to preserve wonderful details like his Gothic arches and ceiling details, while bringing this home into the modern era.

breakfast nook with gothic archway

We’ve also put a lot of new features in like solar panels that make the home incredibly energy efficient—well over the highest green-building certification.

Now, the Park House has become our dream home, where we can entertain and spend time with family. It’s a home that honors its past, ready to make new memories. 

jonathan and zooey portrait in garden gazebo

Ready for more? Check out our Inside The Design: Park House series on YouTube!


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