May 2022

Decorating Rugs Both Inside and Out

While often overlooked, rugs are a versatile design feature that can add a lot to a room. Today, we’ll show you a few examples of some amazing pieces and where they would look the best, so that you can get started incorporating rugs into your home wherever you need them.  

Swimming In Style

If you’re looking to spruce up your pool deck, then the Outdoor Chilcott Area Rug is just the piece you need. Decorated in a cosmopolitan mosaic, the light greens and blues add to the relaxing and soothing atmosphere it creates.   

Modern Art for Modern Times

If your style leans more towards modern abstract, then check out the Vanguard Minoan Area Rug. Woven with a blend of stain-resistant yarn, the intersecting geometric lines cross together to create a distressed, detailed design. 

A Diamond in the Rough

Meanwhile, the Outdoor Oldenburg Area Rug goes bold and bright with its lattice of diamonds. Designed to be moisture, stain, and fade resistant, it can stay looking new and fresh on any porch or patio. 

Color and Comfort

The Vanguard Provenance Area Rug tapers its vivid pattern with subtlety by having its colors wash together into a careful geometric blend. As a result, it can liven up your living room without overwhelming the rest of the space. 


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