Jan 2022

How Accent Pieces Can Elevate a Living Room

Searching for one last piece to tie your living room together? Consider a simple pick-me-up piece from the Scott Living at Wayfair collection.

Stately Storage

Why sacrifice form for function when you can have both? An accent cabinet not only increases your living room’s storage capacity, but they can also act as a centerpiece to display other flowers, pottery, or other smaller keepsakes.

Living in the Blue World

We’ve never been afraid to play with color before, but have you considered livening up a space through your seating? The Mason armchair‘s beautiful cornflower blue upholstery gives a space a mid-century modern appearance, while its walnut-finished frame adds a hint of the rustic to an otherwise contemporary piece.

What’s Black and White and Angled All Over

Just like there are plenty of ways to personalize your morning brew, your coffee table can do more than just hold your beverages. Don’t be afraid to go bold with a hexagonal shape and geometric tabletop pattern to get people talking about more than just their favorite drinks.

Rest your Weary Legs

A living room isn’t truly a living room until you’ve done some proper living in it, and believe us: a giant ottoman is a great way to increase the day-to-day comforts of a space. Being able to kick up your feet and wind down after a long week can be the deciding factor that turns a house into a home.

A Golden Opportunity

Do you ever find yourself curled up comfortably in your seat, wishing you could avoid getting up to grab the book or TV remote you’ve left out of reach? A stylish, well-positioned end table can save you from having to grapple with that dilemma and add personality to a room without taking up much space.

Home interior with ethnic boho decoration and poster mockup, 3d render

By Any Sketch of Imagination

Sometimes all that’s holding back a room from reaching its potential is a bare, empty wall. Grab a piece from the Scott Living art collection to tie together an eclectic space or highlight smaller, less flashy pieces.


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