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October, 2022 | D&J Editors

Daylight Savings Time Fall Back and Relax

For the United States, November 6, 2022, is the last time we’ll have to “fall back” an hour for Daylight Savings. While it’s exciting to be so close to never having to remember to change our clocks twice a year, that also means we still have one last fall of brighter mornings and darker afternoons. For those who struggle with this change in light, here are a few items that can help you deal with the adjustment. 

Sheer white curtains for daylight savings

Living Room Sheer Curtains

Mornings are going to be brighter much earlier now, so it is important to make sure places you frequent remain personal and secluded. However, if you want to ensure your living room still gets some natural light, then the Scott Living Dari Semi-Sheer Curtain Panel will give you privacy without cutting you off from the rest of the world. 

Beautiful Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

Meanwhile, for the bedroom, you’ll probably want to keep your room cozy and dark in the morning. The Scott Living Rafaela Blackout Curtain Panel has blackout lining that blocks out 100% of light, making it easy for you to sneak in some extra snoozes.

Luxurious Pillow Top Mattresses

It’s easy for your sleep schedule to start to slip with the time change. To ensure your sleep remains comfortable and easy, the Scott Living Reflections by Restonic Silhouette Mattress uses AlumiLast memory foam to relieve pressure points and keep you feeling cool. 

Soft and Serene Bed Sheets

If you’re still concerned about making sure you get enough ZZ’s, then the Scott Living Gavin HygroCotton Sheet Set is also a great item to check out.  Made from a lustrous-sateen weave, the set is designed to get softer over time without losing any of its durability. 

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