June 2022

Drew and Jonathan’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming up soon, and Dad almost certainly doesn’t have a list to tell you what he wants—but luckily, we do! In fact, we’ve got everything you need for a fun Father’s Day, courtesy of Drew & Jonathan Home and Scott Living.

Father's Day Gift Guide


If you’re ready to see Dad become competitive, but don’t want him to risk tearing something on the basketball court, suggest a mild(?) game of tic-tac-toe instead. Our set will give him something to get interested in before you take it up a notch with our Acrylic Drop Four Game, which will get really get his competitive juices flowing (just make sure he knows the rules first).   

Foosball Fury 

Drew & Jonathan Home Foosball Table

Once you’ve let Dad win a few games, it’s time for the main event: foosball, courtesy of Drew & Jonathan. Our table comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to worry about Dad getting out the toolbox. 

Cooldown Round

Scott Living Old-Fashioned Glass Set

Once you’ve worked up a sweat, maybe suggest a drink—an old fashioned should do the trick. Give Dad a break and mix it yourself, courtesy of our bespoke bar tool set. It might even take the sting out of Dad’s defeat. Just don’t forget the coasters! 

Afternoon Naptime

Scott Living Charcoal Sheets

Once the games and drinks are done, it’ll probably be time for Dad to take a nap. Make sure he’s tucked in with Scott Living sheets. While he’s napping, you’ll have time to set out the kids’ (or grandkids’) newest photos using our photo frames that can be hung or can stand on their own. 

The Great Outdoors

Wilderness Sunrise Canvas Art

And just in case you’re still looking for a final flourish, have Dad unwrap one of our beautiful landscape photos, like this snapshot of a wilderness sunrise. Because you know Dad’s not going to pick this out for himself, but he’ll love looking at it and remembering you.  


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