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July, 2022 | D&J Editors

Snack and Game Night Ideas for Your Get-Togethers

As fun as hanging out with friends and family can be, it’s easy to run out of game night ideas. Never fear, we have several Drew & Jonathan tables that will help the fun last longer—and great snack recipes that will keep everyone happy and energized. 

Foosball Game Night

No Flatware, No Problem

Foosball is a great game to get your pulse racing and your blood pumping. Once you start a match, you’re unlikely to want to pull out the flatware and take a break. An easy grab-and-go option like our chocolate-peanut butter snack mix will keep you energized and focused on the game above all else.  

Shuffleboard Table Game Night

Table Games and Table Manners

In contrast, shuffleboard is the kind of table game that encourages you to take your time observing your opponents and planning your next move. Our beef & bean chili not only gives you the protein you need to keep your appetite filled, but you can also follow alternate instructions to create a completely vegetarian option as well. 

Game Night Ideas Game Table

Cards and Cocktail Glasses

Rather than focus on one game, the Drew & Jonathan Game Table is designed to accommodate a variety of games, even providing a special place to show off your cocktail glasses. As a result, we recommend the equally versatile, classic Manhattan. No matter what game you ultimately play, with it, you will feel like a smooth and experienced high roller.

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