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May, 2023 | Mandy Schremmer

Property Brothers: Forever Home – Season 7, Episode 18

From Mushy Peas to Avocado Toast: Helen & Jared

Helen and Jared are British expats who moved to LA to put down roots. They were thrilled with the neighborhood as well as the home’s spacious mid-century character. But the awkward layout and cluttered rooms filled with mismatched furniture prevented them from feeling truly settled.

Property Brothers Forever Home: Helen and Jared with Drew and Jonathan

Jared worked from home and struggled to focus while surrounded by kids and clutter. Helen yearned for an adult space where she could escape and recharge at the end of the day. They turned to us to help design a functional and organized main floor so they can finally feel “at home” on American soil.

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Design Highlights

Storage Galore

Helen and Jared described their style as simple, clean, and modern, so when renovating their kitchen, we packed the space with as much storage as we could. The gorgeous blue and wood-toned cabinets feel fresh and contemporary without overwhelming the room with one color.

Rising to the Next Level

Jared works from home reviewing toys, but because he lacked a dedicated workspace, they had trouble keeping the clutter from piling up. Not only did we give Jared a place all for himself, but the floating shelves and purposeful storage mean he can adjust the surroundings to fit the needs of whatever project he’s working on.

Property Brothers Forever Home: Helen and Jared's new playroom

Playtime Party

Now that the adults have their own space, we wanted to make sure the kids had a room of their own as well. Once we refurbished their old fireplace, we were able to create a cozy and comfortable play area.

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