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November, 2022 | D&J Editors

Property Brothers: Forever Home – Season 7, Episode 3

All Grown Up: Janice & Mark

For years, Janice and Mark catered their main living spaces to their three children. Everybody loved the home, but once the kids started growing up, their needs began evolving.  

Janice and Mark reveal

Everyone was ready for a big change, so we went for it! We made the most of this vast space by totally revamping the kitchen, breakfast room, living room, and dining room with a mature style that will grow with the family.  

Before & After

Fletcher 60" Bathroom Vanity
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Design Highlights

Janice and Mark in living room

Dancing With Joy

Janice and Mark love to swing dance, but their crowded living room and bulky brick fireplace made it difficult to host dance parties. We installed a new, slimmer fireplace and decorated the space with comfy, yet easy-to-move furniture so that the couple can spend their nights boogey-ing their hearts out.   

Green kitchen cabinets

Green With Envy

The family suffered for years with a stove that had to be manually lit and an oven that needed pliers to be turned off. Now, they can finally enjoy state-of-the-art appliances. Plus, we were able to incorporate Janice’s love of color into the design by painting the cabinets a subtle and soothing green. 

Kitchen and breakfast nook

Relax and Retreat

Tucked away and out of sight, their old breakfast room never truly flowed with the rest of the house’s floor plan. By adding beautiful French doors to the side, the room now feels like an actual part of their layout, while remaining a cozy retreat for Janice.   

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