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December, 2022 | D&J Editors

Celebrity IOU: Kate Hudson – Season 3, Episode 10

Kate Hudson’s Extravagant Backyard Build

Actress, producer, entrepreneur, and bestselling author Kate Hudson wanted to show her love and appreciation for Melissa, her future mother-in-law and grandmother to her daughter. Melissa is a retired educator of 30 years who raised three boys as a single mom. Kate describes Melissa as selfless and says she has sacrificed so much for her family.

Kate Hudson and Drew and Jonathan Scott renovate the backyard of Kate’s future mother-in-law on Celebrity IOU.

After Melissa recently recovered from two broken ankles, Kate wanted to give her a safe and special outdoor oasis where she could garden and spend time with the grandkids. We helped bring Kate’s vision for Melissa’s backyard to life, creating a low-maintenance retreat complete with an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, an updated casita that serves as an art space, raised garden beds, and a bocce ball court.

Before & After

Fletcher 60" Bathroom Vanity
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Design Highlights

Morning Retreat

Melissa has always dreamed of having an outdoor deck attached to her bedroom. We extended her patio across the entire back of the house and replaced her bedroom window with beautiful French doors. Every morning she can now wake up, step outside, and enjoy the view.

Renovated studio space

Making a Masterpiece

The shed was a special place for Melissa to escape and paint. While it was already cozy, we freshened it up by installing some luxury vinyl and giving it a fresh coat of paint so that it would feel more like a private, personal art studio.

Gardens and Games

Melissa’s other passion is gardening, so bringing in raised beds that would be easier on her ankles was our next step. However, once Kate told us about the Bocce court that used to be here, we decided we also needed to bring that back and turn the space into one she can appreciate, whether alone or with the entire family.

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