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December, 2022 | D&J Editors

Celebrity IOU: Cindy Crawford – Season 3, Episode 11

Cindy Crawford’s Super Re-Model

Supermodel, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Cindy Crawford wanted to give back to Sarah, her best friend and personal trainer of 17 years. Cindy and Sarah are more like sisters who have supported each other through the good and bad. One of the most difficult times was when Sarah’s husband, Rick, was first diagnosed with cancer. With most of their savings going towards his medical bills, they’ve only now been able to buy their first house.

Cindy Crawford holding a sledgehammer with Drew and Jonathan Scott
Drew, Scott, Jonathan Scott, and Cindy Crawford on Celebrity IOU Season 3.

With six weeks before they move in and no extra money for renovations, Cindy swooped in with us to provide a much-needed overhaul to the outdated digs, surprising Sarah with a luxurious kitchen, a modern family room, and a beautiful new guest bathroom.

Before & After

Fletcher 60" Bathroom Vanity
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Design Highlights

Living room with artwork and decor in arched nooks

Arched and Elegant

The house’s entryway was already an impressive feature, and we wanted to make sure that “wow” factor carried into the living room. While we came up with the idea to run beautiful hardwood throughout the entire space, it was Cindy who brilliantly decided we should incorporate arches into the room’s design.

Kitchen and dining room renovation

Come On In

Sarah’s preferred style is contemporary and modern, yet warm and inviting. So, when renovating the kitchen, we focused on making sure it not only had state-of-the art appliances but features such as the kitchen island/dining table combo that offers plenty of room for guests.

Black marble bathroom sink

Convenient Design

Sarah and Rick host weekly sobriety meetings for their local recovery group, and a personal dream of hers has been to have a guest bathroom away from the family’s personal one. We used some of the kitchen’s dead space to add a sleek and stylish powder room for visitors.

More Inspiration

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