April 2022

How To Decorate With Botanical Bedding

When it comes to designing a bedroom, sometimes the power of a good botanical print is overlooked. Here are a few Scott Living floral-inspired pieces that can bring the beauty of the outdoors right to your bed.

Wood Vibes Only

If this is your first time experimenting with botanical décor, then the Willow Duvet is a great piece to start with. Not only does it capture nature’s beauty through its gentle, abstract design, but it also reverses into a darker print, providing a flexible sense of style.

If You Plant Get Enough

Meanwhile, the Sonora Quilt Set combines modern sensibilities with delicate watercolors. The leaf-like pattern is fun and has personality, but the soothing blues and grays keep the comforter from becoming too overwhelming or distracting.

Branching Out

The Lisette Comforter Set takes the same floral stylings of other duvets but goes in a more somber direction. The heavy blues give the pattern a dignified poise, while the reverse white print showcases artistic, shadowy silhouettes of evocative greenery.


The Anthony Tencel Sheet Set balances both breathability and durability with its blend of cotton and polyester. Decorated with refreshing eucalyptus leaves, it replicates the feel of the great outdoors even when curled up in bed.


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